A lounge bar that was born with a premise: uniqueness and an exclusive treatment for the customer. It is a single space that is capable of generating various perceptions: visual, chromatic, auditory, sensory… The solution consists of a three-dimensional metal grid that is made up of more than 400 different pieces, which are deformed, stretched, shaped and adapted to the existing architecture of the building. It is a single shell that generates the space but at the same time separates it visually. A single solution with a multiplicity of variables.


ON-A, located in Barcelona since 2005, was created as an international architectural laboratory with great deal of professional experience in its background. The main objective of our studio is to help give meaning to the discipline of architecture by creating interesting solutions to everyday problems, and developing these solutions with the utmost quality and respect to the design, technology and knowledge of the environment. New methods, design and production techniques that have been developed by the industry in recent years enable us to design innovative work strategies, which in turn allow us to develop projects with greater complexities. Tools such as CAD-CAM give us comprehensive control of each product prior to its completion, particularly throughout the construction process. ON-A relates to a wide variety ofclients, from management and major developers worldwide to individual customers. Each project has a unique design and is non-transferable, giving exclusivity to each client. Each project also demonstrates an understanding of the client’s intangible idea from the very beginning of the management process to the actual formation, digital to physical, of the product.

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