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“La Literaria”, emblematic building located in the center of University of Deusto in Bilbao, it’s been reformed by ACXT studio within the framework of the Strategic Plan 2011-2014 to achieve professional excellence. The design was intended to respect and and enhance the qualities of the original building created by Francisco de Cubas and declared a monument of cultural interest.

The exterior has been kept as it was without changes practically, being the inside where there’s been most of the renovation. The restoration of the galleries on the noble floors, as a fundamental element of reference, it’s been coupled with the symbolic nature of the space of the cloisters and the semi-interior space, achieved by the construction of two new ceilings covering the courtyard.

Diego Rodríguez Segura has been the main architect and the renovation was started on 2011 and ended on 2012. This building it’s nowadays the new nerve centre of University life on the campus of Duesto, besides of being one of the jewels of Bilbao’s architecture. 

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