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In this way, for the first time NEOLITH®, it receives a total of 10 International Awards in just one year, coming from countr ...
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The competition also was organized propose a masterplan how to integrate the museum more in its surroundings.
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The prestigious spaniard architect, Fernando Menis, unveils the most recent rehabilitation work in 2016.
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The global company and leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces in the world of architecture and desig ...
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This interlacing of the traditional principles and modern needs brought a new life to the building which exist from XIX centur ...
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Ramón Esteve architects and Jaime Sanahuja present their latest works: 'Sardinera House' (Esteve) and 'House Oos' (Sanahuja & ...
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Venatto presents, colecction Cancun, a new piece specially designed for pavement pools by their excellent quality and non-slip effect. A natural product that meets the highest demands in terms of sustainability and security, one neutral color that complements the unique piece for pool decks Venatto, that integrates elegantly a water collection channel. The Cancun Collection, apply the most advanced technology with a unique production process in the world to offer a new piece of technical ceramic extrusion. With a slip rough finish, is particularly suitable to cover the areas of access to hotels' pools, sports clubs, neighborhood and family chalets,...
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PINCHA AQUÍ PARA INSCRIBIRTE GRATIS Invitación Sainz Allende   Desde nuestra plataforma dedicada a la reforma y la rehabilitación nos convertimos en herramienta a disposición del punto de venta una herramienta con el objetivo de acercar las nuevas tendencias, sistemas constructivos y todos los avances en materia a los profesionales del sector. Así, en esta acción pensada para los PROFESIONALES y destinada a fomentar la reforma y rehabilitación  proponemos un gran punto de encuentro que conecta a todo aquel profesional que prescribe reforma, interioristas, decoradores, arquitectos técnicos,...
'Kook', by Karism Rashid
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Rastelli brand is born in 2014 from the will of Mr. Renzo Rastelli, that aims to penetrate not only the Italian market but also the worldwide business. The idea of internationalization encourages the company to get in touch with two of the best designers in the world: the Italian Ferruccio Laviani and Karim Rashid, in order to create a product with a versatile approach and continually evolving to reflect the Italian design and a wider ranging program. The development doesn’t stop on the aesthetic aspect, but studies in deep the themes of the ergonomic and environmental compatibility.
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New renovation in Catania, Italy, by A-OMA arquitects. Villa A is the result of a double intervention: the re-use and restructuring of an existing house and a new extension close to it. The project insists on the dialogue between these two realms as a metaphor of both a traditional and domestic intimacy and a contemporary and clear extroversion. In fact, if the existing building conserves its closed and massive character, the new one is transparent and luminous. If the former keeps its original pitched-roof geometry and materials (mostly lava stone and wood) the other plays with a minimal geometry and more...
The new solid surface has been used in the installation of a 7000 m²
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Butech, in collaboration with the French company Davitec, has completed the ins­tallation of a 7,000-square-metre Krion ve ...
Wallpaper Design Awards 2013
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Designed by Le Corbusier for the High Court of Chandigarh in 1954, this product remained unreleased until 2012, when it was fo ...