'Kook', by Karism Rashid

Rastelli brand is born in 2014 from the will of Mr. Renzo Rastelli, that aims to penetrate not only the Italian market but also the worldwide business. The idea of internationalization encourages the company to get in touch with two of the best designers in the world: the Italian Ferruccio Laviani and Karim Rashid, in order to create a product with a versatile approach and continually evolving to reflect the Italian design and a wider ranging program. The development doesn’t stop on the aesthetic aspect, but studies in deep the themes of the ergonomic and environmental compatibility.

The company wants to be identified also through its green trademarks because certified according to the strictest FSC and ISO 14001 standards. From an ergonomics point of view, Rastelli approaches the market offering the widest cabinetry range in terms of quantity and quality, choosing as standard, ingenious well-designed storage solutions being able to count on dimensions that can meet the American standards.

There are three words that can summarize the company’s mission: design, quality and green. The management’s daily goal is to offer kitchens to an international and sophisticated public that besides looking for the Italian design also pays attention to technology and quality, providing a quality service in an efficient, effective and timely manner, having the customer at the center of the project.


“I take a minimalist approach in my kitchens, preferring to create a clean striking surface that is punctuated by splashes of strong color. For the Kook kitchen I wanted to create an innovative design to turn even the most challenging culinary endeavors into pure aesthetic pleasure”. The cabinets open to give expansive views of all that is to offer and then shut when the meal is done making a minimal and uncluttered kitchen. Rolling shutters reveal LED edged shelves and built-in hood above the hob. Utilizing the angled cabinet, larger items can be stored at the top while smaller, more readily used items on the bottom making cooking a breeze.

The pressure opened bottom cabinets are accented with colored LED strips and angled to allow an easy approach to the work surface. Kook also features a sink that can be hidden using a matching cutting board to make a continuous surface. The use of solid Corian on frameless doors gives life to a combination of technicality, solidity and aesthetic minimalism.
The interpretation of Rastelli to the evolving consumer needs which demands quality and design but also aware of the value of what they are buying. R1 is a complete program that does not renounce to quality and design features which distinguish Rastelli, it’s able to offer a product that makes value for money one of its strengths. The 22 mm thick door is available in 8 different materials: low pressure laminate (LPL) in wood finish, laminate with laser edging, polymeric, matt lacquer, glossy single-sided lacquer, oak veneer, glass and ceramics. The vertical and horizontal aluminum profiles contribute to give a minimalist look to this kitchen, offering an alternative opening system to the doors instead of using the normal handles, available as an option anyway. The wall system collection completes the image of this model in a sober and contemporary way, overcoming the kitchen area and offering the possibility to develop other complete interiors by creating an aesthetic balance between authenticity and sophistication.

The company presents ‘Beluga’, by Ferruccio Laviani “This is a solid project, well defined but constantly evolving. I don’t want this project to end only through images or certain compositions: I would like this project to be an introduction, a starting point”.
On the other hand, Royale is the answer to a constituent key for the new dynamics of the daily living: the contemporary rhythms together with the dynamic requirements of the present time, influence the environment where we live and Royale makes nothing but perfectly interpret these new requirements and rewrite the rules of kitchen space: from a piece of furniture to a pure kitchen ambience._

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