Fila presents Filazero Sil, that it’s ideal to remove residue from silicones, glue, adhesive tape, and old labels of surfaces in stoneware, porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass and metal, etc. and Filano Rust, that it’s the specific product rust remover ideal in marble, natural stone, ceramic clay and mud.

The two products, initially available for the domestic market, widen the Fila range, reference company for over 70 years in the cleaning and protection of all type of surface. A result achieved thanks to the continuous investment in R&D and to the vitality of the company that has always bet on the innovation.






The specific product removes silicone and is ideal in porcelain stoneware, ceramic, marble, glass and metal items. Filazero Sil is indicated to remove residue from silicones, glue, adhesive tape and old labels of surfaces in stoneware, porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass and metal elements. This product of Fila is effective in eliminating waste of candle wax, resin and traces of grease and oil in general. Its density allows it to act directly on the residue to delete, maximizing efficiency and avoiding the waste of the product. Thanks to its handy spatula included in the making the elimination of the waste is faster and easier. Filazero Sil acts in a few minutes: softens the hardened silicone in only 20 minutes of the application. It Will be available in packs of 250 ml.



The specific product that removes the rust stains from marble, natural stone, ceramic clay, extruded and mud. It is the specific row stain remover Fila to remove superficial rust stains. Its viscose composition lets you act on the stain, maximizing efficiency and avoiding the waste of the product. Thanks to its formulation without acids, is particularly suitable for delicate surfaces such as polished marble and terrazzo. Filano Rust acts in a few minutes: removes stains in just 15 minutes from the application. This Fila product will be available in convenient packaging of 75 ml.


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