Bosch explains  the new European Directive about Energy Efficiency, through five basic keys. This new Directive is about energy audits, accreditation systems for suppliers of energy services and the promotion of energy efficiency in the processes of production and use. The keys are the following:

1. This new normative obliges to companies that are not SMEs  to make Energy Audits, in order that they know their situation about the use of energy,  to have acreditation systems to energy service providers and energy auditors, and to promote the enery efficiency in the production processes and use.

2. The objective of this is to boost the saving and energy efficiency, the optimization of the energy demand of the installation on the part of the equipment, as well as to have competent, reliable and accredited professionals.





3.  This new Directive affects to big companies with at least 250 employees or with a business volume of more than 50 millions, and to energy service providers that with this new Directive must meet certain requirements for the exercise of their professional activity. Furthermore, this also affects to enery auditors, that must have an accredited degree, and in general to users and citizens.

4. Now it is important to know that if this rules are not breach, companies will be punished with fines between 300 to 60.000 euros and these can increase to 100.000 euros in some cases.

5. Finally, this new normative entered into force the 12th of February.


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