The company has participated in the renovation of ‘La Quinta Inn & Suits’, a hotel located in Texas that has been taken by a new generation which wanted to renew its design.

This is a very important project that has involved de participation of the interior design studio ‘5G Studio’ and the architecture firm ‘Mayse & Associates’. The first has designed the new prototype named ‘El Sol’ with bright colours for the exterior and unique shapes and textures. After this, the project added the collaboration of ‘Mayse & Associates’ which played a key role in the selection of the material that has given life to the new concept of the hotel.





For this project, the architects needed solutions which do not sacrifice fundamental elements of the original design. The architecture firm chose ceramic tiles as a leading material but the saw that they weren’t able to reproduce de exact colour. It is for that reason that finally the leader provider of products of natural stone, Holland Marble, proposed the use of a Sintered Compact Surface. Finally and after different studies, the design team and the construction crew decided that Neolith was the perfect material for this project.




Roger Sotelo, architect of ‘Mayse & Associates’ highlights that “All the crew responded since de begining to all of our concerns. Both Neolith and Holland Marble were exceptional during its collaboration and execution of the design concept”.


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