The use in our homes of household cleaners, air fresheners or cosmetics, as well as paints, varnishes or insecticides, can generate major problems in the health of the people, in addition to pollute the environment. As we reported from ‘Ecología Verde’, these pollutants are joined to the particles of dust and other elements, generating homes totally polluted. This is a problem catalogd as serious by the World Health Organization.

That is why they propose a series of tips for achieving a healthy home:

1. Ventilation: the opening of doors and windows is a premise totally essential since it will renew the air inside. This has to be done once a day during fifteen minutes. Also it helps the inclusion of indoor plants in the room.

2. Cleaning: Obviously, check the cleanliness of the rooms is essential however, the fact of doing it with products such as aerosols contributes in a negative way in the environment. It is for that reason that it is recommended the reduction of their use and replacement by pre-moistened wipes.




3.  The furniture: these are also a source of concentration of particles pollutants, especially in the case of those carpets, furniture or curtains that are synthetics. To avoid this, it is better to opt for natural products.

4. The reforms: the remodeling of a housing becomes the perfect occasion to choose those products that are less polluting. That is why, at the time of choosing, it is necessary to learn to know which are the most appropriate.

5. Bad smells: the use of air fresheners with spays or electrical diffusers is also negative, that is why it is advised to use essential oils whether liquids, in balls of wood or other formats.

In short, a series of simple tips that will help us in our day to day.

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