From ‘Renovation Today’ we explain the last collaboration of Thyssenkrupp. On the occasion of the Olympic Games, the company has participated in the renovation of the International Airport RIOgaleão located in Rio de Janeiro.


RIOgaleão (c) thyssenkrupp


The countdown of this international sporting event has already started and all the renovations are beeing completed. In the case of the Internation Airport RIOgaleão, the modernization has finished in a process that has only lasted 13 months. Like we have explained before, Thyssenkrupp has participated in this building with 25 elevators, 21 escalators, 14 moving walk and 58 passenger boarding bridges. These will ensure a fast and safe transportation to the more than 17 million of passengers that will visit this airport each year and to the 1’5 million that will arrive to the country because of the Olympic Games.


Airport Day (c) RIOgaleão


This action has been done in record time and without interrupt the normal activity of the building. It is also important to highlight that the new Terminal 3 hosts the longest hallway in Latin America, which measures 100 metres. Moreover, the new passenger boarding bridges use an innovative security technology, pioneering in Brasil, a coupling automatic system that allows to mesure with greater accuracy the gaps and areas when the walkways are attached.


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