Designed by Wilk-Salinas Architekten with Thomas Freiwald

–        After the fruitful summer bathing ship and the brisk demand of press, in autum 2005 the construction was roofed temporarily, to maintain the business over winter. The winter- roofs base area is limited to the existing arrangement and consists of three lengthwise airy  parts of a structure constructed with membrans, which are divorcing the interior into three functional areas: lounge, sauna- area and finally the pool ship. These areas are connected via added boxes where the sanitarian  rooms are included.

–         The construction is existing of elliptical wooden trusses which are spaned by a two laied membrane.

–        By the use of translucent and in selected fields transparent surfaces, it is created a strong reference to the surrounding. Space between membranes is filled up with air preassure, to achieve an optimised insulation to guarantee an agreeable temperature (25°C) inside also during extremely cold outdoor temperature, despite minimalised tare.

–        To minimise building cost  there were exclusively used standard materials and processing was just done with a minimal complexity. To guarantee a fast assembly and disassembly it was of great value to create uncomplex joinings and the ease of manual assembly. The whole superstructure trough the division in elements is mountable and removeable without the use of a crane. These elements can be stored over summer or alternatively be used as a pavilion ashore.

–        The Bathing Ship not only supplements the estival offer of bathing opportunities of the Spree in front of the urban scenery of the eastern harbour; besides you can enjoy sauna and bathing during the cold month with a panoramic view  over the winterly river Spree until in springtime the arrangement finds back to its original form.

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