Graff, manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered bath and kitchen products, is excited to unveil the M-Series, its latest concealed modular system for the shower. The M-Series, which is comprised of a thermostatic module valve, two diverter valves, and a stop/volume valve, was designed to simplify the installation process in homes, hospitality spaces and more, while also offering a customizable shower.

With the GRAFF® M-Series modular system, the installer has the option to arrange diverters and stop/volume valves in different combinations to satisfy a variety of applications. This innovative system allows for each piece to be aligned behind the wall in a single stacked valve, without having to connect every element with a separate pipe. When using a diverter, it is possible to choose one outlet at time, while, with each cut-off valve, it is always feasible to operate a water outlet simultaneously and independently from the one controlled by the diverter (e.g.: the showerhead or the bathtub spout together with the body sprays or the hand shower). With the push-fitting stacking technology, the installation process is quick, clean and efficient.


The M-Series provides the opportunity for a personalized experience in the shower: the consumer can choose from a variety of shower components, based on their given preference. The system is able to accommodate up to seven functions with four different handles. This gives the flexibility to decide the number of body sprays, showerheads and handles that would best benefit the design, install and usage. Separate round and square trim plates are available, as well as longer combined plates. With three contemporary finishes available, the shower handles fit seamlessly into any bathroom aesthetic. The M-Series has handles designed to match GRAFF®’s Ametis, Aqua-sense and Terra Collections but the Aqua-sense handles are adaptable to all GRAFF collections, thanks to their very versatile square or round shapes.

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