Priorat is a denomination of origin recognized worldwide for the excellence of their wines and the stunning beauty that born from the ancient stones that make it up. One set of abbeys, monasteries and carthusian of a province where the grand masters of yesteryear were formed.

Inspired by this ancient beauty, appeared Priorat collection of Keraben.

Keraben makes Priorat collection representing the nature, quality and character in a porcelain with a color range that is divided in two shades: cold (white, cement and graphite) and warm (beige and natural), characteristic of tones the wealth of the region.

Keraben, leading manufacturer of ceramic, makes this collection of porcelain ideal for spaces that require a pavement that will equip a unique appearance and very special finish.

The technical characteristics of the new series of Keraben make it a suitable pavement to high transit areas.

Also, the wide range of formats and decors in the collection allow you to create totally customized spaces. The series presents 18 different faces on the bases of 60×60, it transfers naturalness and design. The collection is completed by a wide range of complements and can set up from designs that recreate rugs with different graphics that make up the Priorat modul, or simulate brick walls with wall Priorat a growing trend in interior decoration.


Technical characteristics


colored porcelain

Formats: 60×60 / 30×60 / 30×30 Mosaic / Wall 33×38,3 / Modul Cement 60×60

COLORS: Beige, Natural, White, Cement, Graphite

FACES : 18 in 60X60 format



Class 1 R9 / UPEC / V4 / METER 5

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