Mosavit arrives in the fair with the new models in the series Print -launched in Cersaie with great success- allowing mosaic lovers to enjoy not only solid or iridescent colours, refiefs and mixes, but to enter into the world of digital printing on mosaic, developed by Mosavit.

As demonstrated previously by the company in their most recent collectios, you can loose yourself in their “beautiful graphics designs with decorations such as the hydraulic Cement tiles, Baltimore or Toscana”, make a statement with the avant-garde Moma or Tate, or be seduced by the original and fresh Patchwork collections.

And for those who are looking to extend the simplicity of natural wood into the bathroom, the Forest collectios offers “the elegance of this versatile, natural material without any of the inconveniences”.

Catering to the classic tastes, Mosavit introduces the Calacatta, Galatta and Travertino, or decorations such as the Savora or Jaipur. Mosavit also lets you explore your creative side, offering personalized designs that meet any specification or request.

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