The renovation project of the City of Montpelier, signed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel internationally in collaboration with François Fontès , has already become something of a badge of the French city. The building stands guarding the banks of Lez (south of the city, in Port Marianne) and thanks, among other things, the Kawneer solutions that have been installed on it , the construction is fully connected and integrated into its environment looking for, in addition, the direct contact of people.

These are the two main axes of a major project in which Nouvel and Fontès have relied on the work as specialist architectural aluminum systems and unique brand of the construction of the Alcoa Group, Kawneer industry , betting on his wall AA110 curtain , its photovoltaic parasol and large doors Kanada.




Each of these solutions are part of the unique structure of the City Council, raised to 40 meters high, it is designed and projected rectangular shaped hub and an atrium inside. Its creators have sought the aesthetics of an avant-garde building, completely open and transparent, which allowed the breadth of views through their windows. Objective has also boosted with the drilling of the building in its horizontal axis.

A large park, a public square of more than 6000 square meters and the same river Lez appear through such openings to the delight of those who enjoy from within the architecture of the consistory.




As the architects discussed “inhabit this building means being aware of the light, the weather, see the trees on its southern horizon and the urban geography of their environment”. Reflections of river water that penetrates to the very skeleton of the building, “it is evident in the reflective fronts, on the other hand, hide the inner life and activity that occurs after them”.

All this has been achieved by addressing each of the facades of the City of a unique and differentiated way. From the architectural explain that “around the inner patios, walls are made of polished stainless steel. Grooved panels, arranged randomly, creating a glowing skin that diffuses light in the heart of the building. Outside, the facades are anodized extruded aluminum, arranged in different shades of blue. Treatment is different according to the exhibits”.




On the northwest side, a thin slats offer a view “striated” of the city. In the east and west, some lamas adjustable blinds create a constantly changing panorama. And in the south, horizontal sunshades protect the windows overlooking the park.

To design a building of this complexity architectural solutions that architects have resorted should meet the highest standards and features both technical and aesthetic. “The design and quality of the range of profiles Kawneer met the characteristics of high-rise facades we were looking for, as well as thermal and acoustic performance required for them”, added Nouvel and Fontès.

The photovoltaic umbrella Kawneer installed on the large central atrium, glassed facades allows volumes of a large area with management of solar contributions included. Its panels capture the sun’s energy and produce electricity. The curtain wall AA110 has guaranteed the high thermal and acoustic performance of the building and possible integration of other solutions carpentry.




Among them, Kanada Kawneer large doors that respond also to the stricter demands on thermal, acoustic and safety and aesthetic level.

In short, four different facades joined by the rhythm of the materials in which KAWNEER has only but enhance this specialized treatment that architects have given the project promoting, in turn, that the building counts with high technical and environmental performance.


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