Milwaukee pioneers the next industry-changing technology with the introduction of ONE-KEY™, the first digital platform for jobsite tools. By integrating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud based program, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that revolutionises the way work gets done. This fundamentally changes the way users interact with their tools, and help solve user problems and frustrations the industry has never before been able to add.


Since the launch of ONE-KEY™ app in February 2016, we have seen a series of game-changing solutions – Tool Control, Inventory Management and Tool Reporting – aimed at unlocking the digital jobsite. And now Milwaukee® is to introduce an updated free-to-download app with “a true industry first” Integared Tool Tracking function.

Integrated Tool Tracking provides full visibility to how and where ONE KEY™ compatible tools are being used across your network of jobs and users. The ONE-KEY™ app will automatically keep records of the last time it was within 30 m of your tool, allowing you to pinpoint missing tools quicker and increase accountability of your team. As the first to integrate this technology standard in the tool, ONE-KEY™ Tool Tracking provides a free, easy to use web & mobile platform to keep a virtual eye on your things when you can’t.

So how does this work?

• The ONE-KEY™ app will track all compatible tools within 30 m range of your phone. By building the functionality into the tool, not the battery, all tools are trackable even if the battery is not charged or connected.

• The ONE-KEY™ app will automatically store the last time it was within range of your tool. If you leave a tool behind you can check your app to easily pinpoint the last location and time you were within 30 m of that missing tool.

• If you have lost a tool, you can expand your search with the help of anybody with the ONE-KEY™ app. By opting in, when any phone with the ONE-KEY™ app comes in within 30 m of your tool, you will receive a notification with an updated location via phone or email.


Tool Tracking leverages the infrastructure of your smart device, forgoing costly tracking technology to deliver real-time updates of tool locations anywhere the ONE-KEY™ app is found.

Available for initial download in April 2016, ONE-KEY™ app update will be accessible by computer from our website at, or by a mobile app interface on compatible Android and iOS smartphones. ONE-KEY™ is a true testament to Milwaukee® ’s focus on the user and investment in game changing technology. *


M18 FUEL™ is engineered for the most demanding tradesmen in the world. Delivering unrivaled performance, all M18 FUEL™ products feature three Milwaukee® -exclusive innovations—The POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery pack and REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence hardware and software—that deliver unmatched power, run-time and durability on the jobsite. Simply put, M18 FUEL™ tools are the most powerful 18V cordless tools in their class.

To find out more about ONE-KEY™, see video footage of it in action or find your nearest store, please visit


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