A unique piece of 1.60 meters particularly suitable for carrying exterior stairs by it’s nonslip character.

Venatto’s Rung is one of the most advanced pieces of the brand. A unique product that uses the most advanced ceramic technology industry to develop the single slip tread Class 3 manufactured by extrusion reaching measures 1.60 meters in length. Like the rest of the collection, presents a micro-textured surface that balances the level of adherence with a dry or wet floor, reducing the risk of slipping or falling.

Venatto offers an extensive range of non-slip treads Class 3, far exceeding the specifications required in the Technical Building Code (CTE) for outdoor paving under severe water intake. The grain finish features great slip resistance, overcoming trials UNE EN 12633: 2003, Class 3 (Rd> 45) which requires the CTE, achieving ratios of over Rd 55. A sliding product with the R11 classification according to DIN 51130 and Class C according to DIN 51097.

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