Venatto presents ARTTEK, the new collection with unique designs with exquisite realism reproducing the natural beauty of wood and slate, and the latest trends in concrete pavements.

In addition, renews Venatto’s polished catalog with new designs with integrated decoration and presents new finishes and formats in all collections. Venatto, the prestigious Spanish of technologic ceramic brand, launches new ARTTEK collection, with exquisite realism reproduces the natural beauty of wood, slate and polished concrete and offers all the advantages of ceramic art technology.

An innovative product that focuses on quality to lead the trends in XXI century decoration. With this release, Venatto again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and development of new products with the most sophisticated techniques from actual ceramics industry.

The ARTTEK collection stands for excellent quality and outstanding toughness. A material easy to clean and very resistant to chemical agents and sudden temperature changes. It is also highly resistant to wear, compression and impact.

It is particularly suitable for solutions in high-traffic areas and can be used both indoors and outdoors, for its high slip resistance.

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