Frontek expands its range of solutions for facade cladding with high-tech ceramics with the launch of new pieces with relief. An attractive alternative that enhances the beauty of the facade with the quality and durability of ceramic art technology.

Frontek is a very lightweight piece of extruded porcelain that offers excellent technical qualities for cladding: high hardness, high strength, low water absorption, good performance against climatic and environmental agents, etc. A product that stands out for its very light weight, only 25.24 kg/m2. As for its reaction to fire it is classified as A1 (no testing required according to Decision 96/603/EEC).
The water absorption is less than or equal to 0.5 %, the tensile strength is ≥ 1.100 N and the bending strength is ≥ 35 N/mm2 ( in the strongest direction), according to the UNE EN 14411standard.

An excepcional piece
It is an exceptional piece for ventilated facade that does not require any cutting or drilling to be fixed to the metallic structure. Its design with the self-ventilated double wall and the longitudinal grooves makes it compatible with any anchoring system on the market. Thus any weakening is avoided that other tiles, which require cuts or holes for fixation, are suffering.
It also offers an attractive alternative to ensure quick and easy installation in the traditional cladding system. A solution compatible with any fixing element on the market.
The process can be carried out with resins or using mechanical fasteners to secure adherence.
The collection is available in various sizes and colors in different finishes including now the new pieces with relief. Greco Gres has a design department that can customize tiles tailored to each client.
The Frontek top is a solution particularly suitable for structures that jut out of the plane of the facade, using exclusive extruded ceramic pieces adapted to each project._

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